MeWelcome to my website. Hamish McClelland Cavaye. British, prematurely bald, and too lazy to shave very often.

This site is just my way of keeping in touch and sharing stuff I find interesting. The blog section gets out of date quickly I’m afraid. Many of the photos and other links are here for nostalgia, so if you’ve known me for a few years then I hope you enjoy reminiscing.

I’m many things; computer enthusiast (gamer nerd), amateur astronomer, chemist (more detail here), brewer of beer, grower of chillies. I’m a graduate of the University of Oxford having read Chemistry there between 2003-2007 . I then moved out to sunny Australia to study for a PhD in chemistry at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. After moving back to England I spent just over 3 years as a developer of stage pyrotechnics for Le Maitre Ltd in Peterborough and now I’ve moved back into academia as a research fellow at Cranfield University working on binders for energetic materials.

If you are a Cavaye or relative and have come here looking for information on the family name and history then I’m afraid that’s not really what this site is about. However, take a look here and here for more information on the Cavaye family itself and how to contact those more knowledgeable than me.