Ben, Stewart, and I just put down three brews….. that’s 70 litres of beer on its way.
Also, the brew site has been updated to have a small image gallery and so we can put a picture of each brew next to its details. Check it :)

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2 Responses to BEER!

  1. kscavaye says:

    that beer making looks really professional. it never got into a bottle in my day-drank straight from the barrel!!

  2. Ham says:

    Haha. We let it ferment for a week in the barrel, then usually for another 2 weeks in a racking barrel followed by at least 2 more weeks in the bottle. It tastes VERY good. I will save you a couple of the best ones for when you come and visit. They only get better with age…..

    You should check the site again, we’ve been playing with it more and making it more impressive.

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