Since I’ve been back….

Thought I’d keep this as a separate post from the previous one otherwise it would be ridiculously long :)

Apart from unpacking, getting over jet lag, doing grocery shopping, etc., the first week back in Aus has actually been quite busy!

Firstly, Rhiannon is back from England, doing a similar trip to the one I just finished, so we held one of our famous “pies” nights – this one was Sci-Pie mark 2. The pies sported were a vegetable lasagne pie and a rainbow pie. Pics of both can be seen here. Ben, Stewart, and I also put on a very large brew (69 litres of a pleasant american style pale ale). Hopefully this will be ready for some sort of birthday celebration I might have, so I can provide a reasonable quantity of alcohol for those who come :) More info on the brew site.

The gym has been visited twice – those extra kilos/pounds put on over Christmas were probably worth it at the time, but I’m certainly feeling it now having barely exercised at all for the previous 5 weeks. Time to get back on the healthy eating SERIOUSLY!

As for work – the first week back was taken at a slow pace to get back in to it. I have to say I’ve almost finished my second year now, and It’s dawned on me that I only really have one year left. The pressure is on, and it’s time to get some work done, and some more good results. I also found out I’m off to (finally) do some more neutron experiments at ANSTO the week before my birthday so that will be… intense :) but hopefully worthwhile.

That’s about it for now. It’s Australia day on Tuesday and I will be heading to Rhiannon’s house for BBQs, drinking, and messing around in the pool. Should be good :)

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