April to June :)

Well – it turns out my life has been so busy (and I have been SO lazy) that I haven’t actually written an update for almost 8 months! As I write this I plan to split things into 5 sections, this post will be a general update covering April to June, and there will be another one covering July to October and one for October to November. However, there will also be 2 other posts: 1 for my trip to America and 1 for my trip around Australia with Hannah. Hopefully these two posts will go in between the others (unless I do something wrong).

Anyway….. here goes…..

Just before my trip to the states I did a few bits and pieces. Night in India for Ellen’s birthday, Groovetrain with Hannah (although she was exhausted!) and a Night in India with Andy’s mate Tom. Hannah and I also treated ourselves to a really nice night in the Sebel hotel in Brisbane. I surprised her with a chocolate buffet for dinner where we had some really nice mojitos (after having that amazing one in Melbourne) and stuffed ourselves on chocolate. The rooftop pool was brilliant too. Was a really nice way to spend the easter weekend together before I flew off to America for two weeks.┬áSee the America post for more details on that trip!

When I got back from my trip, Ben & Tilly were away doing the great ocean road and so Hannah and I had some quality time together :) We did a few nice things in the evening while I got over my slight jet lag. One night we drove up Mt Coot-tha and had icecream. We had also arranged to see Wayne’s World at an outdoor cinema (Hannah hadn’t seen it!) sadly they obviously hadn’t had enough interest and at the last minute the movie was swapped to Dirty Dancing. In fairness, I had never seen that either so we went along and although I wont claim it was the best movie I’ve seen it certainly wasn’t as bad as I had expected and the evening itself was really nice.

For Hannah and CP’s birthdays we had drinks and nibbles at my place before heading in to the Valley. We ended up at a really nice club called Cloudland with everybody out (except for Andy, who was busy). It was a really really good night and everybody had an amazing time! There’s some photos up from this night too.

Other bits and pieces were seeing the new X-Men movie (not too bad), we went to Night in India for Andy’s birthday, then Tilly had a “bring and share a dish” party for her birthday the same weekend.

Then, at the end of June, Hannah and I went on a holiday that deserves an entire post to itself! So I will leave this here :)

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