Bog Roll!

I think I’ve just had one of the best ideas of my life… It’s about toilet tissue. I think I’m going to market and sell a new brand of toilet tissue – specifically aimed at men.

It’s going to be called “Bog Roll” and it will have the tag-line “It’s for wiping your arse! (and it’s soft enough for the missus)”

Think about it…. each sheet will be 3 times longer than normal toilet paper (who the hell uses less than three sheets??), and one in ten sheets will be pre-perforated into tiny squares ready to use when you cut yourself shaving.

I think this might make me my first million…

EDIT: Thanks to Jacko for the amazing suggestion/improvement that the small perforated squares run down one edge of the whole roll rather than every 10 th sheet. Much better :)

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3 Responses to Bog Roll!

  1. curphs says:


    Sheets should also have something to read on them, provided this could be done without getting ink all over your arse.

  2. Ham says:

    Agreed – perhaps a small joke or a trivia fact. Would make it much more fun :)

    Maybe a “Poo-Do-Ku”? :)

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