Big weekend and Birthday!

Been a little while since my last update so here’s the main bits of news!

Tim and Seamus have both moved in now and we’re all getting on swimmingly. Seamus’s friend Damo has also been around for a few nights and the guy who used to live here, Mitch, has been showing up a few times. So Saturday night we all had a few drinks together, played a very interesting game of Monopoly, then went in to the city and had a great night. Struggled somewhat Sunday, but nothing about 7-8 hours of cricket & KFC couldn’t cure!

Friday night was good too – there was a mini-festival of aussie bands on campus at uni so a few of us guys from the lab (a multicultural crew of German, Canadian, American and English!) went along, met up with some other german & french people. $3 for a can of beer means quite a lot was drunk! Ended up going to a house party afterwards then walking all the way home (not a short journey). Very enjoyable weekend all in all!

Which leads to my birthday on Monday! Had a lovely surprise when I was called down to reception for a “delivery” which I assumed was a card or something only for a 36″ singing helium balloon to be presented to me in front of a small crowd of laughing chemists. Thanks very much mother, sister, and cousin! Pics of said balloon perched by my desk in the lab can be seen here and here. Also, a huge thank you goes to everybody who sent me birthday wishes! That includes cards, emails, texts and facebook! So thank you very much to all of you. I really do appreciate knowing people still are thinking of me and I felt very loved when I was presented with this page (click) on facebook this morning! After work on Monday some of us from the lab and my new housemates went out for a pint, then 5 of us moved on to a curry house where I had a gorgeous goat Madrasi curry with “special” naan (all cheesey and stuff, was incredibly good). I will definitely be going there again when I need a curry fix.

Today’s been a little tamer. Back to work, big load of food shopping with Tim & Seamus so the house is fully stocked now. Looking forward to my weekend away with surfing lessons and stuff. Should be good. Will try and take some more photos as well!

Hope everybody is well. Stay in touch :) Remember you can easily just register on this site and then leave comments below each of these news updates!

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  1. alexandra says:

    wow. sounds like you have been pretty busy! Your doing more partaaying than me.. ! Hope you liked the balloon. Im guessing your getting the hang of things down in oz. whats this surfing weekend bout?
    ahh Im so jealous.. hate u. 😀 jks.

    small x

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