Glow Worms!

Had a really cool evening yesterday. About 5 minutes before I was about to catch the bus home with nothing but dinner and an early night to look forward to when Rhiannon, Homar and Jacques invited me on a spur of the moment road trip to go see glow worms!

We hopped into the car at 6pm and about three hours later (after a quick stop for KFC) we were at Springbrook National Park, about 35 km inland from Nerang. From here it was a short walk through the pitch black rainforest to “Natural Bridge” which is a cave that’s had a waterfall punch a hole in it’s roof. Once you get there and switch off the torches the roof and walls of the cave suddenly look like the night sky with a whole load of blue stars. It’s very cool and I would recommend it to anyone visiting that area.

We got pretty lucky and managed to time it perfectly so that a group of people were leaving just as we arrived and then another huge group arrived just as we were leaving, giving our small group a good 30-40 minutes with the worms. It was pretty surreal as well, the place was almost pitch black apart from the worms and the roar of the water took away your hearing along with your sight.

I tried to take a couple of photos of the worms, but I only had my phone on me to use as a camera. The pics are here and here, and you can see some of the brightest worms if you look closely but it is nothing compared to the real thing.

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