The last 18 months….

So since moving back to the UK my life has changed. A lot. Much for the better, some for the worse. Far too much has gone on to list it all here but some of the major events follow in bullet-point format!

  • I became single (again).
  • I got my first “real job.” That is if you don’t include holiday or part-time work… I now work as a pyrotechnics developer for Le Matire Ltd. in Peterborough and have done since March 2012.
  • My mother was diagnosed with cancer. I wont say much about this but there was a very difficult 7-8 months. I am so proud of how she dealt with it and so glad I could be here to help her through it. On Christmas Eve 2012, the day she was given the all clear, I got the best Christmas present I have ever received.
  • I started playing golf. I’ve spent all sorts of money on equipment, lessons, and holidays. I’m still not very good, but I am getting better and I (usually) enjoy it a lot. I think most people don’t agree, but it’s also quite good exercise if you carry your bag everywhere!
  • I bought a house! I am now a house owner with my very own mortgage. It’s small, but it’s mine and I love it. It also beats commuting 60 miles each way every day…
  • I gave blood for the first time. Something I’ve been saying I should do for years and never got around to doing. I will carry this on, my next appointment is in December.

That’s kinda the main points covered I think. I’ve also been on some really cool trips away and visited a million friends that I’ve missed forever. Copenhagen, France, camping in England, Green Man festival. All fantastic fun :)

I hope things continue to get better every day as they seem to have done lately. I also hope to use this site more. Even if nobody reads it, it’s nice to imagine I have a sort of “journal” for thoughts and stories and memories.

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