Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, and the Red Centre!

This is the long overdue report of what might be the best holiday of my life so far :) Hannah and I did a 10 day extravaganza from Brisbane to Melbourne to Adelaide to Alice Springs and back to Brisbane again! Here’s the story….

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April to June :)

Well – it turns out my life has been so busy (and I have been SO lazy) that I haven’t actually written an update for almost 8 months! As I write this I plan to split things into 5 sections, this post will be a general update covering April to June, and there will be another one covering July to October and one for October to November. However, there will also be 2 other posts: 1 for my trip to America and 1 for my trip around Australia with Hannah. Hopefully these two posts will go in between the others (unless I do something wrong).

Anyway….. here goes…..

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Land of the Free! California, Nevada and Arizona.

Disclaimer: I wrote notes during my trip to America, little reminders for when I got back to write this post. However, I am now writing this post from said notes in August 2013 – over 2 years later! So things might be a bit hazy… Enjoy :)

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Huge 3-month update!

Yet again I’ve managed to leave it WAAAY longer than I wanted before doing another news update. As such I’ll do it in a similar way to my previous update, briefly mentioning the top points from various parts of my life – sprinkled with a few photos :)

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Amazon Kindle

I realised that I forgot to mention in my most recent “big update post” that I bought an Amazon Kindle for myself as a bit of a present.

Normally I wouldn’t talk about random gadget purchases on here, but I thought this one was worth a mention because of how impressed I was with it.

The Amazon Kindle is an e-reader, which is a device specifically designed to read electronic versions of books from. It has a screen made of “e-ink” which is quite different from a computer screen, or an iPad screen, or something. It’s not back-lit and it’s not an LCD. You can’t really tell if it’s on or off, and it looks like print on paper. It’s VERY easy to read from, doesn’t give you any of the issues that extended reading on a computer screen can give you.

I can highly recommend the Kindle to anybody who’s interested in an e-reader! They’re really easy to use, and there’s literally thousands (millions?) of free books you can download legally from the internet, as well as all the books you can buy through amazon, usually at a lower price than a printed book. It also means that when you go on holiday you only have to take one, very light item with you, rather than a load of heavy & bulky books.

Check it out :)

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