Madness Quake 3 - Beta

Download here! - Current version = 1.0-Beta

This is Madness Quake 3. Download and install!

I've managed to get it working so you can play it against the bots now (or just run around empty levels) - Download the latest release and install as per the readme file (extract it into your q3 directory and it should work) then run quake with "+fs_game madness +map q3dm1" and it will work, you can then add bots with the addbot command or through the menu when you press esc.
There are also a few sound changes now too, so its worth you downloading the pak!

You can get a feel for it at (server should be up almost 24/7 but is only on my ADSL line) - this always has the latest version.

ACTUALLY READ THE README!! It has useful info about the commands of the game!

Screenshots - Here's a couple of screenies from the alpha so far

Archive - For older versions of madness quake

2003 Hamish Cavaye